You Like Games? We Like Games!

Here at Wonderbread, we think games are a bit good. They can be exciting, engaging and artistic and, best of all, they can be free! With none of that messy legal business we have collected a list of free games and distractions:

Adam Cadre’s Photopia (Windows/Mac): OK, time out: Photopia is a text adventure, like Zork (and not Zork: Grand Inquisitor, either, with its pretty user interface and lovingly rendered 3D graphics; bah, oh, no, we’re talking Zork-of-the-’80s, here, kiddie-winks) but it’s one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had with a piece of interactive fiction. All of Cadre’s work is amazing, as a matter of fact: do try Shrapnel, also hosted at the same location. All the instructions for playing the games are on Cadre’s website. He’s also not just a great writer, but a genuinely nice bloke, too, so if you like his work, send him an email full of appreciation! He deserves it!

The Chzo Mythos: Five Days a Stranger, Seven Days a Skeptic, Trilby’s Notes and Six Days a Sacrifice (Windows/Mac/Linux): Anything I say will just ruin it for you. In short: four, horror-themed, well-written retro-’90s adventure games that I love to tiny little pieces. The bracketed links above for Mac and Linux are for the game engine, and upon the downloading of which you must then go to the Windows link in order to download the games themselves from Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s website of wonderfulness, Yes, that Yahtzee, of Zero Punctuation fame.

EyeZmaze: Online Flash games, also, where cause-and-effect equals massive amounts of cute. The site itself is partially in Japanese, but worry not. Of note is Grow Cube a classically elegant flash game.

Ferry Halim’s Orisinal: Gorgeous, delectably cute Flash games that will drive you mad with delight.

Home of the Underdogs is an amazing, expansive slice of sprawled gaming heaven. Dedicated to the games of the past, this site stands as a monument to all the games you knew in your youth and all those that were tragically overlooked. The full releases of most of these games are available from the site (they have a strict one download at a time policy, though, so don’t go nuts). Of special mention is their stunning Hall of Belated Fame, which draws many great gaming achievements together for your perusal. This collection of addictive, beautiful and stimulating games will occupy you for hours.

N (Windows/Mac/Linux): You’re a ninja, and you must steal vast quantities of gold from endless and endlessly deadly robots. Pared back platforming joy like your dad is always going on about. Now also available on Xbox Live Arcade as N+!

Stair Dismount (Windows/Mac/Linux): A classic timewaster from the ever-physics-minded Jetro Lauha. Hurl chalky white ragdoll-men from the precipice of an overly-large staircase in the hope of causing them infinite amounts of pain: classy in the extreme.

Sumotori Dreams (Windows): Wrestle your block-headed robotic opponent to the ground. Graphics card intensive, but amazing fun for a little while, especially if you’ve got a mate around, and the physics/procedural animation engine is frankly mindblowing.

The Independent Gaming Source (TIGSource), Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Indie Games Blog, Jay is Games, and Play This Thing! are all great sources for keeping up with new independent releases, web-side controversies and the unearthing of obscure gaming gems from the depths of time itself. Also, you could do worse when looking for ways to waste half an hour.

When we aren’t gaming away our rapidly dwindling collective youth, we’re more often than not perusing the pages of Three Panel Soul, Penny Arcade, xkcd, VGCats, Mac Hall, Concerned, 1fort, Dubious Quality, and the Perry Bible Fellowship.


2 Responses to “You Like Games? We Like Games!”

  1. Wow, thanks for the introduction to Adam Cadre’s work. Very impressive. I suspected it would be good given that I adore the following three list items (and, of course, Underdogs), but 9:05 and Photopia exceeded my expectations. Yay 🙂

  2. I need to give a big ++ rating to Orisinal. These games are simply enchanting, with loving animation, addictive gameplay and some of the best damn music i’ve ever heard in flash games. Go Orisinal! Woo!

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