oh hai

Welcome to Wonderbread, a blog dedicated to media. We hope this site will become a springboard for discussion and a celebration of the distractions we love dearly. We’re pretty well obsessed with film, television, books, games and music. Our three editors are Cinema Studies students and love nothing more than to expound the awesomeness of a whole bunch of awesome stuff. Please feel free to leave comments and use this blog as a springboard for conversation and debate.



My name’s Morgan. I’m a Cinema Studies student at La Trobe University in Melbourne. I enjoy writing about film and hope to use this a place to practice and hone my academic writing. Having said that, I reserve the right to go on about the state of things on the telly and post things about cats.

I live in a little flat in Northcote, Victoria with my beloved fiance, Heather and cat, Merlin.


I too study Cinema, as well as mild patches of English at La Trobe University. I latched myself onto this site when I realized it would give me more credibility and academic satisfaction than any of my other blogs, with the possible exception of the place where I sometimes review music. I also perform music in both solo and full band capacities. I enjoy it immensely.


Yarr, yet another student of the cinematic arts be I! I was born on the internets, and I shall die on the internets, and any bastard what tries to evict me from this here patch o’mine’ll taste the back of my hand and no mistake. Or not. I also write things, to help get me through patches of eternally cursed sobriety.

And please, feel free to comment and add your two cents to any of the posts on this site. We’d love your feedback or just to have a converstation with you on all matters we write about.


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